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Editorial Guidelines

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WeLoans' major objective is to provide potential loan applicants with the best offers on the market and the most insightful, detailed and helpful loan guides they can find on the internet. Therefore, we established a professional editorial team to provide accurate financial guides and reviews. They consult only authoritative sources while at it, review popular misconceptions and produce unbiased views on lending services and loan companies to help loan applicants make informed decisions.

Our content team is composed of financial experts and experienced editors with years of experience reviewing lending services, loan brokers, financial regulatory laws, market trends, industry standards and how they affect borrowers' ability to take out and repay loans in good time.

Although we partner with hundreds of lenders and survey sites, our reviews and topical discussions are completely independent of them.

Editorial process

Each loan guide and review is written and reviewed by our experienced team of financial experts with hands-on experience in the loan services industry.

Our team of writers and financial professionals rigorously research topics and review existing content on an ongoing basis to ensure they are up to date, accurate, and attend to the needs of our readers.

We are transparent with corrections and bring to the attention of our readers' corrections to factual errors if there be any. However, there may be no editor's note to suggest updates have been made if the article is factually correct and changes are only made to the article to make its language clear and detailed.


Our contents are customer-oriented and curated to help readers with practical money management tips, emergency cash suggestions and best-value loan deals. Therefore, these contents are well-researched, unbiased and not influenced by our lending partners in any way.

Every contributor, reviewer and writer is held accountable to a high standard of transparency and honesty and produces objective content designed to help borrowers make informed decisions.


We produce original and unique practical-value contents that borrowers can implement instantly and easily to boost their finances. All information published on our website is verified, properly referenced and duly credited so as not to infringe copyrights or the intellectual property rights of any author or brand.

All contributors are expected to uphold the highest journalistic standards. Therefore, any reports of plagiarism or reproduction are taken seriously, will be investigated and may be good grounds for severe punishments.

Data sourcing

WeLoans adheres strictly to industry standards with regard to information and data sourcing. Our editorial team seeks and cites high-quality, factual content from trusted review websites, government agencies, independent surveyors, website pages, and reputable third-party sources.

We also engage independent researchers and product testers to evaluate and provide first-hand feedback on some of the discussed services. They provide unique insights and opinions on the reviewed websites to help potential applicants see more perspectives on each product under review.