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What is a Cash Advance?

Cash advances are a type of short-term cash loan. The approval process for these loans happens fairly quickly, which makes them attractive to borrowers with urgent money needs.

Typically, cash advances are provided by credit card issuers and can be taken out at ATMs. However, you can also take out cash advances from banks and with some lenders.

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Options of Online Cash Advances

There are different types of online cash advance options. Here are three popular ones:

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Payday Cash Advances

These are cash advances issued by regulated payday lenders. They allow borrowers to receive up to $2,000 in cash and pay it back on their next payday or within a year. However, they are designed for unexpected or short-term cash needs only and should always be used responsibly.

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Centrelink Cash Advances

Centrelink cash advances are available specifically to people earning income from Centrelink benefits. Note, this is not an additional payment to your Centrelink benefits. Rather, it is an advance on your current existing payments.

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Credit Card Cash Advances

Besides withdrawing cash at an ATM, you can also get credit card cash advances online. For example, you can withdraw money from your credit card account to your transaction account on your phone.

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Need Online Cash Advances? WeLoans Are Ready to Help

At WeLoans, you get access to amazing cash advance loan options.

We understand the stress and pressure that arises from financial emergencies. That's why we connect you with our network of trusted lenders to meet your financial needs. With a simple loan application process, you can get your online cash advance in a jiffy.

Simple Steps to Apply for a Cash Advance Online

Once you have decided to apply for an online cash advance through WeLoans, please follow the steps below.

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    Submit the Information

    Fill out an online form with your personal and financial information. After you submit the form, WeLoans will automatically forward it to our network of lenders.

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    Compare Loan Offers

    You will receive multiple loan offers from our lenders. Read their terms and conditions carefully. Then, choose a lender that offers you a favourable deal.

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    Get Your Cash

    The lender will deposit the money into your account after the loan agreement has been processed. Funds will usually be deposited into your account within one business day.

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What You Need to Get a Cash Advance Online?

The information you must provide to access cash advances online includes:

  • Transaction History

    You need to provide the details of the transactions of the previous 90 days of your bank account.

  • Identification details

    You are obligated to provide a legal means of identification, such as a driver's licence.

  • Income Statement

    A current income source is required for payday and Centrelink cash advances.

  • Residential Verification

    You should provide evidence of residence to prove that you are an Australian citizen or a permanent resident.

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Is an Online Cash Advance Right for me?

Therefore, you should only take an online cash advance only if you are sure you can pay back the loans and associated fees on time.

Therefore, you should only take an online cash advance if you're sure you can pay back the loans and associated fees on time.


  • How Much Money Can I Get from a Cash Advance?

    The maximum amount you can borrow under a payday loan advance is $2,000. Note, some Centrelink loan providers and credit card issuers may offer higher amounts.

  • Can I Apply For Online Cash Advances If I Have Bad Credit?

    Yes! Credit ratings do not affect your chances of getting a cash advance. Many lenders will consider other factors when offering you an instant cash advance, including your current employment, income status and ability to repay the loan.

  • How Long Will It Take For My Cash To Arrive?

    Once you have signed the loan agreement with your lender, they may deposit the funds into your account in as little as 60 minutes. Depending on your bank, the cash may arrive within 1-2 business days.

  • What Can I Use a Cash Advance for?

    The reasons for accessing cash advance loans are dependent on the individuals. Typically, you can utilise cash advances to resolve monetary emergencies such as:

    • Vacations
    • Moving costs
    • Medical bills
    • School expenses
    • Automobile repairs
    • Household expenses
  • Is It Safe to Apply for Cash Advances Online?

    Security is a prominent feature of our services as we protect your data. Therefore, you can apply for cash advances online at WeLoans with the confidence that your information is secure.

  • Why Was the Cash Advance on My Credit Card Declined?

    Cash advance applications will only be successful if you do not exceed the cash limit on your card. Besides, certain cash advance loans may be restricted on your credit card. In such cases, you may need to reach out to your issuer.

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Updated on: Mar 29, 2023

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