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These top online loan sites can provide solutions to your borrowing needs. Check here to find out more about the most popular sites in Australia like Wallet Wizard.

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Wallet Wizard is one of the most popular online lending platforms in Australia known for its hassle-free, quick application process, flexible loan terms and low fees. However, not everyone is qualified to apply. If you are looking for alternatives, we have rounded up the top 10 loan sites like Wallet Wizard.

1. WeLoans

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WeLoans has been very successful in the US and it's also starting to create its name in the Australian market. This website offers completely 24/7 online services with a user-friendly interface available for you to get all necessary financial assistance with ease.

One of the advantages of WeLoans is that it has partnered with over a hundred reputable and licensed lenders in Australia to give you multiple loan options to compare all at once. You could request and borrow up to $2,000 at reasonable rates for quick online loans without meeting any strict requirements.

It also features other types of loans for people with various needs including Centrelink loans, loans for bankruptcy and unsecured personal loans with a maximum limit of $10,000.

2. Fair Go Finance

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Offering a wide range of online loans with flexible terms and no payout fees, Fair Go Finance can help you in difficult financial situations. Its rates are competitive and personalised based on your overall qualifications. Some of the popular loan options it offers include debt consolidation loans, personal loans, holiday loans, medical loans, and car repair loans.

Depending on your credit score, you could borrow between $500 and $10,000 with terms of one to three years. Bad-credit borrowers can apply but expect to pay higher interest rates and fees. If you are a returning borrower, you could take advantage of its Mates Rates Rewards program which offers several benefits such as reduced rates and fees.

Moreover, Fair Go Finance has a quick application process since everything is done online. From information submission to receiving funds, borrowers can get the money they need as fast as within the same day of approval.

3. Fundo

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For your small cash needs, Fundo can help. This lender offers small loans of $500 and up to $2,000 with flexible repayment terms. You can submit your application online by filling out a secure form on its website. Once approved, it transfers the funds to your account within the day. It's important to note that while you can submit your application at any time, their platform is only available to process loan requests from Monday to Saturday from 9 am until 6 pm.

Fundo offers various types of short-term loans such as no-check loans, same-day loans, bad credit loans, cosmetic surgery loans, educational loans and emergency loans. These loans have repayment periods of up to 180 days. There are no hidden fees and charges when you apply; however, there is a 20% establishment fee plus a monthly fee of 4% of the amount you borrow.

Getting loans through Fundo is easier than you think. As long as you meet the minimum requirements which include being 18 years old or above and having regular employment status or some sources of income, you can get loans from Fundo without any hassles right away.

4. Nimble

Nimble Image

Nimble is your go-to loan site if you are looking to borrow a big sum of money of up to $25,000. It also offers small loans of at least $300. There are different types of loan products you could choose from depending on your needs. Some of the popular options are same-day loans, payday loans, holiday loans, rental bond loans and emergency loans.

You are able to get a loan through Nimble if you are over 18 years old with Australian citizenship or permanent resident status that is currently employed and receiving consistent income. The amount that you can take out depends on your economic conditions and financial situation. Loan terms are flexible to ensure that borrowers can repay comfortably.

Nimble uses advanced technology to make it easier for borrowers to submit applications and upload documents from any internet-connected device. It offers quick funding services that borrowers can get funded in less than an hour after approval. However, before you apply, it's important to carefully consider your decision as there's a 20% establishment fee and a 4% monthly fee for small loans.

5. CashnGo

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CashnGo is one of the loan sites that accept bad credit borrowers and Centrelink recipients. You can take out loans between $300 and $2,000 with short repayment terms of up to 6 months. If you are interested in applying, you need to visit any of the nearest CashnGo kiosks or branches in NSW to submit your application. You can check the Kiosk Finder on its website to learn more about its service locations.

You can only apply for a loan through CashnGo if you are over 18 and have proof of regular income. Loan options are fast loans, same-day loans, payday loans, cash advances, bad credit loans and personal loans among others. These loans are perfect for those who need immediate emergency cash and have unpleasant credit profiles or even no credit backgrounds at all.

However, with its easy approval and quick processing time, you should take into account the borrowing costs which include an establishment fee of 20% and a monthly fee of 4% based on the principal amount.

6. Jacaranda Finance

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Bad credit borrowers and pension recipients are welcome to submit loan applications with Jacaranda Finance. It offers small loans, medium loans and large loans of up to $15,000 with loan terms of 12 to 24 months. You can find loans for almost purposes you need including debt consolidation loans, home improvement loans, holiday loans, car repair loans, and bad credit loans.

Jacaranda Finance assesses loan applications based on the borrower's financial situation and ability to repay, as one of its requirements to apply is that you should have received regular income in the past 90 days.

It is worth mentioning that this lender has thousands of positive reviews from various review sites and it is well-praised for its fast processing time. You can quickly get started with your application in as little as 5 minutes.

7. Sunshine Loans

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When you visit Sunshine Loans, you can find different types of loans to cover your various expenses such as car repairs, payment of medical bills, extra cash for your holidays, payment of bills and more. Additionally, it offers loans for students, bankrupt individuals, low-income personnel and unemployed borrowers.

To apply, you need to be at least 18 years old and have a take-home pay of at least $400 per week which can be a combination of income from employment and government benefits. Note that if you are paid in cash, Sunshine Loans may not accept your application.

8. Safe Financial

Safe Financial Image

You can borrow between $500 and $5,000 and receive the money in your bank account within the same day if you apply with Safe Financial. This loan site offers fast online loan services including cash loans, auto loans, business loans and home loans with no early payout fees.

The loan terms for loan services through Safe Financial are flexible and you could choose various repayment intervals which could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. This makes it easier for you to allocate funds for your payments depending on your paycheck schedule.

Safe Financial will consider your application if you are at least 18 years old and are an Australian citizen or permanent resident. You should also meet the minimum weekly income requirement of $500, and your earning should not be solely from Centrelink, meaning that benefits payments should not exceed 50% of your net earnings.

9. Nifty

Nifty Image

If you are looking for a small loan, Nifty is one of the sites worth visiting. You can borrow between $300 and $2,000 with repayment terms of up to 9 months, and they are available for those who are at least 18 years old and are Australian citizens or permanent residents. Bad credit borrowers and government benefits recipients are welcome to apply as long as they receive regular income within at least 3 months before application.

It only takes a few minutes to submit your loan application with Nifty using its secure online form. However, before you apply, consider how much borrowing costs you will incur as it charges up to 20% establishment fee and up to 4% monthly fee, both of which are based on the principal amount. It also charges a dishonour fee if you miss your payment.

10. MoneyMe

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MoneyMe specialises in providing all sorts of financial assistance through different types of personal loans. It offers a fast and straightforward loan application process with no paperwork needed as everything is done online. After submitting your information, you can get approved and receive funds in as fast as 60 minutes.

You can borrow up to $50,000 for personal loans with interests that start at 8.70% p.a., and a repayment term of up to 5 years. MoneyMe also charges establishment fees, but with a flat fee of $395 if your loan amount is between $5,000 and $15,000, and $495 if you borrow between $15,001 and $50,000. You will also need to pay a monthly fee of $10, and it allows for early repayment without penalty.


Although Wallet Wizard has already established a good name in the industry, there is no 100% loan approval from them. If you are having problems getting your loan request through Wallet Wizard and you need to find a different lender, make sure to check out the listed online lending platform where you will find reliable loan service providers that are authorised and registered with ASIC.

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