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Take out Melbourne cash loans on WeLoans! You can get approved for a cash loan in Melbourne even with bad credit.

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How Do Cash Loans in Melbourne Work?

Cash loans in Melbourne can assist you if you find yourself in a financial emergency, such as a medical emergency or a sudden car repair. You can apply online and get an instant cash loan in a few hours, even with a bad credit score. However, you should compare the fees and interest rates from different lenders, as these loans can be expensive, especially when you have bad credit.

Normally, the maximum amount you can borrow with a cash loan in Melbourne is $2,000. The loan term can range from 6 months to 2 years. The borrower needs to pay an establishment fee and a monthly fee, which are capped at 20% and 4% of the principal amount, respectively.

Are You Eligible for a Melbourne Cash Loan?

If you're considering taking out a cash loan in Melbourne, there are certain requirements you'll need to meet to be eligible.

  • Age: You'll need to be at least 18 years old.
  • Residency: You must be a citizen or permanent resident of Australia.
  • Income: Lenders want to see that you've received regular income for at least a few months. If you're on Centrelink payment, you may also be eligible for a Melbourne cash loan, as you can use this as proof of income. However, not more than half of your income should come from there, and your repayments can't exceed 20% of your gross income.
  • Credit Score: Lenders consider borrowers with bad credit. However, you shouldn't have bankruptcy listed on your credit file at the time of application. With discharged bankruptcy, you may also be eligible.

How Can You Improve Your Chances of Getting Approved for a Cash Loan in Melbourne?

  • Check your credit score: A low credit score lowers your chances. You may be seen as a higher-risk borrower and be less likely to be approved. Take steps like paying down debt or making payments on time to improve it.
  • Be realistic about how much you can borrow: Lenders will evaluate your ability to repay the loan, so choosing a loan amount and repayment term that you can realistically manage is important.
  • Provide accurate information and avoid multiple submissions: Each submission results in a credit enquiry, and some lenders perform hard credit checks, which can cause an even worse credit score. So, make sure to submit once with all the required information provided accurately.

How Can Melburnians Use Cash Loans?

  • Cover unexpected expenses: Whether it's a car repair, medical bill, or other unexpected expenses, a cash loan can help cover them.
  • Fund a business: If you're an entrepreneur or small business owner, a cash loan can provide the financing you need to get your business off the ground.
  • Manage cash flow: Suppose you're experiencing a temporary shortfall in cash flow. In that case, a cash loan can help you with your expenses until your next paycheck or other sources of income.

How Can You Apply for Cash Loans in Melbourne?

WeLoans is an option for a quick and easy way to apply for a cash loan in Melbourne. We are an online loan platform. We have a wide array of trusted lenders who provide small loans to Australian residents. Here's a breakdown of WeLoans' application process:

Step 1: Complete the online application form.

You'll need to provide basic personal and financial information, including your name, address, employment details, and income.

Step 2: Receive multiple loan offers and compare.

Once you submit your application, you'll receive multiple offers from our lenders within minutes. You can then compare the terms and conditions and choose one that suits your needs.

Step 3: Seal the deal and receive your funds.

If you're happy with a loan offer, you can sign the agreement and receive your funds within 24 hours.

What Makes WeLoans a Good Option?

WeLoans makes sure that you're able to access a loan quickly in just a few steps. You get multiple loan offers to choose from minutes after your application is submitted. You can also get funded the same day or within a maximum of 2 business days.

Besides, WeLoans has a 24/7 uptime, ensuring that you can access funds at any time. Additionally, the website is armed with bank-level encryption methods, and you can rest assured that your data and privacy are protected.

Can You Get Bad Credit Loans in Melbourne?

While it can be challenging to access loans in Melbourne with a poor credit history, it's possible. WeLoans' lenders, in fact, specialise in cash loans for bad credit. Our lenders understand that having a low credit score doesn't necessarily mean you cannot repay a loan.

And they focus on your income rather than your credit when assessing your application. Most of our partnered lenders only perform soft credit checks that don't affect your credit score.

How Should You Compare Cash Loans in Melbourne?

When it comes to taking out a loan, you should always comparison shop to get the best loan possible. Here are some tips to help you compare Melbourne cash loans:

  • Check for additional fees: Additional fees can vary depending on the lender and the specific loan terms. Make sure you understand all the fees associated with a loan before applying.
  • Consider the repayment term: A shorter term means you'll pay less interest over time, but your monthly payments will be higher. A longer-term means lower monthly payments, but you'll pay more interest over time.
  • Repayment: Check if the lender allows you to repay the loan early without penalty. This can help you save on interest costs and repay the loan sooner.

Alternatives to Melbourne Cash Loans

Payday Loan

A payday loan is a loan you repay on your next payday. These loans can be up to $2,000. Legally, payday loans aren't subject to interest rates in Australia, but they have standard fees. The maximum establishment fee is 20%, and the monthly fee for outstanding loans is 4%.

Short-term Loan

A short-term loan is usually under $2,000 and can be quite expensive. The loan term could be between 16 days and a year, and it has an establishment fee of 20%, along with a monthly fee of 4%. Other fees may include government fees, a default fee of up to 200% of the principle, and enforcement costs.

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