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Want to borrow $1,000 but get turned down due to your bad credit? Apply for $1,000 bad credit loans online with WeLoans today!

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What Is a $1,000 loan?

$1,000 loans are short-term unsecured loans that allow you to borrow $1,000 to pay off debt, cover unexpected expenses, or make a purchase. These small loans are designed to provide a quick and easy solution to financial emergencies. In most cases, you can get $1,000 within the same day.

While the interest rates on these loans are typically slightly higher than those on secured loans, the overall cost of a $1,000 loan is not high considering the relatively small amount and the short repayment period.

How To Qualify for a $1,000 Loan?

Despite the fact that the eligibility criteria for a $1,000 loan vary from lender to lender, the basic requirements are as follows:

  • Age: You must be an adult (at least 18 years old).
  • Residency: You must be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident.
  • Income: You must have a regular income stream.
  • Other: You must have a valid phone number, email address and bank account.

Who Can Loan Me $1,000?

If you're looking for a $1,000 loan, here are three main types of institutions to choose from:

Online Lenders

These online lending companies streamline the borrowing process, allowing you to apply online and receive funding even within 1-2 business days.


Banks usually offer higher loan amounts and charge fewer fees, while their borrowing requirements are more stringent than those of online lenders.

Credit Unions

Unlike online lenders and banks, credit unions are member-owned financial institutions. This means you must be a member before you can apply for a loan from them.

Can I Get $1,000 Loans for Bad Credit at WeLoans?

The short answer is, yes! You can apply for a $1,000 loan through WeLoans even if your credit score is bad.

WeLoans understands that bad credit can occur for a variety of different reasons and believes that bad credit borrowers should have fair access to financing. Therefore, we work with dozens of lenders who are willing to provide loans for bad credit to help you with your financial problems.

Typically, the requirements for bad credit $1,000 loans are easy to meet. Prove that you can afford to repay the loan and you have a good chance of getting approved!

Steps to Apply for $1,000 loans with WeLoans

WeLoans has simplified the process of getting your $1,000 loan into the following 4 steps.

  1. Fill out the online form: You will be required to provide some personal and financial information. This is to give the lenders an idea of your financial situation.
  2. Receive offers from lenders: Make sure to compare their rates and go through their repayment terms. Then, choose the offer that suits your needs, if any.
  3. Sign the agreement: You are required to sign a loan agreement with the lender. Before signing it, ensure that you understand the terms.
  4. Receive your $1,000 loan: Once the lender has processed the loan agreement, they will deposit the funds into your bank account within 1-2 business days.


How Fast Can I Get My $1,000 Loans?

How long it takes for a $1,000 loan to come through depends on the lender you work with. If you apply for a loan at a bank or credit union, you can expect to receive the money within a week. But if you apply at WeLoans, the funds will be sent to your bank account within 1-2 business days.

Should I Fax Documents When Applying for Loans of $1,000?

No. When applying for loans with WeLoans, all you need to do is fill out the online form. There's no need to do any paperwork.

What to Do If I Can't Repay My Loans?

If you cannot repay your $1,000 loan, contact your lender as quickly as possible. You should try to work out an alternative payment plan with the lender.

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