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If you need immediate access to cash now and you want to access pay early, check out some of the lenders at WeLoans that can help you out.

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What Is Accessing Pay Early In Australia?

Many Australians don't have enough savings to pay for unforeseen bills and emergencies. If you are in the same situation and can't wait for your next payday, there are various financial products that can give you the opportunity to access your paycheck early before payday. These pay advance solutions are usually in a loan form, which is also known as payday loans.

When applying for such payday advance services or related short-term instant funding solutions, the amount that you can borrow depends on the lender and your payouts, but generally, you can borrow no more than $2,000 and not exceeding 25% of your monthly salary, according to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) regulations.

What Can I Do With The Money After I Got Paid in Advance?

Many of the lenders in our network offer guaranteed payday advance solutions without any usage limitations, meaning that you can use the loan for basically anything you want. Here are some common practical matters people do after they accessed their pay early:

  • Unforeseen expenses
  • Small medical bills
  • Car repairs and home fixes
  • Utility bill payments (water, power, etc)
  • Rent
  • Wedding or funeral expenses

Key Benefits of Accessing Pay Early

In a situation when you need cash urgently but it is still not your payday, using instant, easy and convenient pay advance services to access your paycheck early can be your life saviour. Here are some of the outstanding benefits of using payday loan services to access your pay early.

Get cash before payday

Life can sometimes get tough especially if you don't have enough cash to cover unexpected expenses. By using our online payday loan services from Australian direct lenders to access pay early, you'll be able to get quick cash that arrives faster than your paycheck to resolve your urgent needs.

Easy to apply for

Most online lenders will offer guaranteed approval loans for borrowers with terrible credit, which is one of the reasons why it became a perfect option for those who need quick cash that can’t wait until payday. By using our payday advance services, you could easily get approved with minimal eligibility.

Auto repayment

When applying for a payday loan, you are required to submit the details of your active bank account. The lender will then automatically debit the amount of repayment from your bank account on the agreed loan repayment due date, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting to repay your loans.

What Is The Process of Getting Pay Advance Services Online Through WeLoans?

Applying for pay advance services could not be any easier with the fully online platform at WeLoans. All you need is to follow the steps below to get started with the loan application process and you can qualify for approval right away.

1. Self-check for eligibility

Before getting any loan services or financial aid products through WeLoans, it's a good idea to check your eligibility in advance. The basic requirements you need to meet include the following:

  • You should be at least 18 years old
  • You must be a permanent resident of Australia or an Australian citizen
  • You must be able to provide proof of address (bank statements or utility bills)
  • You must have a regular source of income or proof of employment status
  • Your government benefit payments must not exceed 50% of your monthly earnings

2. Reach out to the right lender

Visit WeLoans to connect with our network of over a hundred reputable lenders that offer various loan services. Submit your information and get multiple loan offers from them right away. Carefully compare your options and choose the right lender that offers the right deal that suits your needs.

3. Get loan approval

After submitting your loan requests and all the necessary documents to the lender of your choice, you won’t have to wait long to get the results of your application. The entire process from eligibility assessments to loan request approval can take place within 24 hours.

4. Receive cash online

Once approved, most lenders can deposit the funds to your bank account as soon as the same day of approval. In some cases, you can even receive instant cash within an hour if everything went smoothly without any delays.

What Should I Keep In Mind When Getting Pay Advance Services In Australia?

Getting pay advance services may be a quick and convenient way of getting cash, but there are a few things you need to know before submitting your application:

Understand fees and charges

Pay advance services usually come with an expensive cost of borrowing. Lenders may charge you a monthly fee of up to 4% as well as an establishment fee of up to 20% based on the amount you borrowed, making these loans expensive to borrow in the first place, and may cause heavy repayment pressure to borrowers afterwards.

Predicted repayment difficulties due to short terms

Pay advance services are usually short-term loans, with most lenders offering up to 31 days to repay. This may not be enough time for you to perform financial turnovers. As payments are automatically deducted from your bank account, this could also create problems with your budget for the succeeding month.

Look out for potential loan sharks

You should always watch out for potential loan sharks when you are looking to get a payday loan. These loan sharks charge even higher interest rates and charges than those lenders in our network. Make sure to do research first and only apply with a licensed lender. Or to be safe, connect with reputable lenders by using trustable loan platforms like WeLoans.

Mind the effect on credit score

Although pay advance loans are convenient and easy to get in the first place, they may worsen your credit situation as failure to pay the loan on time could result in credit score reduction. Lenders will also report your non-repayment as a default to the credit bureau and this will show up on your credit report that will last for a period of time.

Use your loan only for emergency situations

Because of the expensive nature of instant payday loan services, they are only a last choice for emergency situations and only if you know you can afford to pay it back on your next paycheck. You should only use the loan as a temporary solution and not a regular solution to rely on in order to resolve your financial situation.


1. Why did my lender reject my pay advance service requests? (25 words for each part, 100 words in total)

There are several reasons why lenders may reject your loan application:

  • Unemployment with no income at all - If you are not currently employed and you are not receiving any benefits or pensions at all, your chances of getting approved are very slim.
  • Multiple failure loan repayment records - If your credit history shows multiple defaults in the past, this is a red flag for lenders and it could affect your application.
  • Made payments to gambling sites - If you've made payments to gambling sites in the past and this was reflected in the bank statements you submitted with the lender, you may lose your chance to get approved.
  • Too many existing payday loans - Multiple existing loans could be an indicator that you're not managing your finances well. Numerous simultaneous loan records could minimise the likelihood of being approved.

2. What is the required credit score in order to get approved for accessing pay early?

At WeLoans, there are no strict requirements on credit scores as we partner with lenders that consider borrowers with all credit scores, so feel free to submit your request even with a terrible credit background. However, having a good credit score allows you to get loan offers at better rates and more favourable terms as well as a higher chance of getting approved.

3. Are there any other sources to get paid early?

If you are looking to access your pay early but payday loan services are too risky or too expensive for you, here are your alternative options to get paid early:

From your employer

Many companies and organisations have special loan schemes or salary plans for their employees to be paid early, and these solutions typically have high approval rates. You can check with your HR if this is available for you. Employee loans offered by companies normally have higher borrowing limits, affordable interest rates and more flexible loan terms.

From bank

Banks offer various less-risky long-term loans with monthly instalments including auto loans and personal loans. If you are a valued client, your bank can help you find a solution suitable for your needs. Bank loans generally have lower interest rates compared to online loans, however, they have stricter lending criteria and longer eligibility evaluation periods.

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